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En quête d’image


The first lockdown is fully on … or rather off ! But as a composer, these were blessed times with nothing else to do than starting my PC, opening Cubase end composing, playing, experimenting … I wanted to make the listener feel the strangeness of these times where loneliness, drive and hope mangled. So I intertwined my electric guitar among Vis.

Knowing my taste for tensed and agonizing music, a composer friend of mine challenged me to write a romantic & nostalgic piece … well I admit there’s still some shadow or at least melancholy in it … what do you think ?

This time i challenged myself to compose a piece using only one bank (Metropolis Ark 2 by Orchestral Tools … these germans rule !). And if anyone was to put images on this piece, I imagine a Tim Burton-ish animated telling the bitter sweet story of a wandering wraith.

At that time, i watched many adventure movies with epic soundtracks. Inspired by the gorgeous sound of the instruments from Metropolis Ark 1 by Orchestral Tools, I composed this “filmic, cinematic … epic track ! And all along, I was picturing in my head Hannibal and his army, preparing for assault at dawn on their elephants.

Second contest, this time held by the American brand 8DIO, the only rule being to use at least one of their instruments (and keep it under 5 mn). Being a fan of SciFi, I decided to compose a piece fitting that universe, and the inspiration presented itself in the news : the Sciaparelli probe approaching Mars.

My first time taking part in a contest, composing for picture. The rules were : create a track to dress this still image, and 30 seconds top. The contest being held by Adam Audio (Studio Monitors) I really paid attention to my mix and my stereo image.

My first foray into the electronic side of cinematic music. Composed without a visual support, this track allowed me to play with synths and rhythmic loops, using my DAW almost like a vintage sampler.

The very first piece I shared on SoundCloud. It was 2016, I had just discovered the realm of orchestral Virtual Instruments, and at that time I was participating in a forum thread on AudioFanzine whose members encouraged me to “publish” a track. Their comments have been friendly and constructive, and I thank them for it, because I always smile when I think back on these first steps of mine.

Another contest : 1 minute top, and only 1 VI : Cyber Crime by Sample Hero. So it gave me the opportunity to fiddle with FX plugins in order to tweak timbre, length, pitch…

A challenge for composers, in case we were idle during lockdown : create an orchestral theme about adventure, and develop it in 90 seconds. I got ranked 6th, and some people told me there were a touch of Enio Morricone in it

Track made for the SVO / Cinematic Composing Rock Contest.

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