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As a child, I would climb out of bed at night, sneak down the stairs, sit in the dark and listen to the movies on TV.
As I was always sent to bed early, I only saw the beginning of those movies and desperately wanted more.
Enveloped by the darkness, unable to see the screen, I would create elaborate images with my mind’s eye using the sounds that came to my ears…the music, the dialog, the effects, all of them being the pigments of my imagination.
Today, I reach out to those memories to reflexively give these flickering shadows, these images, these motion pictures the sounds they richly deserve.

  • Professional musician and singer for 25 years

  • 5 years at music academy; graduated from GIT

  • (Los Angeles)

  • 3 albums

  • More than 2000 concerts in France, Italy, Belgium...

  • Professional actor for 15 years


  • More than 500 performances


  • Acting teacher

  • Film enthusiast and cinema lover since childhood


  • Fervent reader and follower of imaginary worlds

  • Trained in computer music & sound techniques for more than 20 years



360 ° communication agency

  • business Development

  • website design

  • brand design

  • graphic print

and more.



Since 2009, Antoine Vialatte has been working as a professional freelance director. He had the opportunity to direct achievements various films, music videos, short films, company films, recordings

shows and concerts ...

Filming in 4K, steadicam, crane, drone… All current technologies can be used on your projects.

For the past ten years he has worked as a director, take operator of view, dronist and editor during many achievements.

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