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"HELP", released on 09/26/2018

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First excerpt from the original soundtrack I composed for the full feature film HELP by Frederic Cerulli. He’s been the first one to trust me to score a movie, and I worked on it for the most part of 2017, producing over one hour of music in different genres, dressing sequences ranging from drama to pursuits, from suspense to murders.

deuxième extrait de la musique originale que j’ai composé pour le long-métrage HELP, sorti fin 2018 au cinéma. J’ai eu beaucoup de retours positifs sur ce morceau, en particulier sur le réalisme du son et l’interprétation, alors que bien sûr, il s’agit d’instruments virtuels. Je me souviens de l’avant-première, dans une salle moderne bien équipée niveau son & image, du plaisir et de ma fierté en entendant ma musique suivre les images sur grand écran

The director wanted a jazzy sond. His model was a Nina Simone’s song … but it became quickly clear that I would have to be the singer. Jazz being not my strong suit, I chose as a reference an artist whose repertoire I knew a little : Chet Baker. And I composed a sweet, slow and intimate song where you can hear me sing as I seldom do

Scoring a movie is not a linear nor a chronological work. The director sent me edited scenes, explaining me where they fit in the film, but rarely in the finalized order. As a result it’s in this very scene that I found the musical theme I would exploit in a variety of forms to create the movie’s identity.


"Good thriller where I was captivated from start to finish with a few bursts. The music blends perfectly with the story and the landscapes are magnificent ..."

Stéphanie S. - AlloCiné

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