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Release date 03/13/2019

First excerpt of the original soundtrack I composed for the full feature film FRAGMENTS. Jude Bauman, the director was himself classically trained so it’s been an honor to be chosen to score his delicate drama where we follow Alma, a young actress who is losing herself into drugs and toxic love before she eventually fall into mental disorder (bipolarity). I tried to evoke her fragility and the melancholy underneath.

In this scene, a swing is set on the stage where Alma rehearses her new role; but soon she will lose balance in the literal as well as the figurative sense. The pizzicato strings and the tremolos are the backbone on which the clarinet is going to shiver and collapse to become a sound FX.

Alma just learned the demise of the only person who really understood her (incarnated by the bassoon). Shocked, she wanders through the narrow streets of the old city. I wanted to recall mourning and Alma’s bipolarity with that felt piano, which rises and fall just like Alma’s emotions.

In this last scene, Stan (Cello) walks aimlessly while thinking about what could have been with Alma where as she must face the consequences of her desperate action and try to find a reason to go on. I tried to translate and mangle their torments in one track : nostalgia, uneasiness and hope.

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